A Reaction to the PLOS 1 Testosterone Research from Whilst gary Donovitz MARYLAND

You might have read a current report within the medical diary PLOS One which found a heightened risk associated with heart assault in males given the testosterone health supplement. I think that this research is incorrect, disingenuous as well as riddled along with errors.


I’m Gary Donovitz MARYLAND, and I’m the Healthcare Director associated with BioTE Healthcare, the biggest hormone alternative company in the usa. My placement gives me a distinctive understanding from the science as well as application associated with testosterone alternative supplements, and that’s why I discover the PLOS 1 study to become erroneous from best as well as potentially harmful at most detrimental.


Here is simply an array of the biggest difficulties with the efficacy from the PLOS 1 study:



Selection Method: This so-called testosterones research involved simply no lab information pre or even post treatment, leading to some large feasible margin associated with error.


Prior Data: The authors of the study report Veterans Management Study reported within the Journal from the American Healthcare Association (JAMA 2013). This can be a problem since the conclusions of this study tend to be misstated. Particularly, men along with testosterone amounts exceeding three hundred ng/dl weren’t contained in the study, massively swaying the information.


Delivery Technique: By far the largest issue using the PLOS 1 study is it looked just at males receiving androgenic hormone or testosterone supplements by way of oral tablets, topical lotions, gels as well as synthetic shots. The research thusly overlooked subcutaneous bio-identical androgenic hormone or testosterone pellet treatment.


There happen to be many seem, alternate research that show the effectiveness of organic testosterone treatment, when shipped subcutaneously. These research show which bio-identical androgenic hormone or testosterone pellet therapy may be used to reduce the danger of numerous conditions, such as:




Prostate Most cancers


Alzheimer’s Illness


Type-2 Diabetes


Prostate Most cancers


By disregarding this information, the study under consideration is very flawed. An essential part associated with testosterone supplementation may be the careful following from the patient’s lab values. The actual PLOS 1 study overlooked this section of information complete. Proper bio-identical androgenic hormone or testosterone pellet treatment takes treatment to keep track of this data and also the patient’s hormone amounts. These hormone amounts can show numerous health problems, many which can’t end up being treated without having optimal dose. Optimal dose is not possible with lotions.


Even much more studies possess demonstrated increased blood circulation to coronary arterial blood vessels in males receiving organic testosterone supplements. This increased blood circulation can result in a loss of plaque as well as inflammation. BioTE Healthcare has handled over 10, 000 man patients; depending on this information the managing of androgenic hormone or testosterone levels within hypo gonadal guys from thirty-five – 75 didn’t cause a heightened risk of coronary disease.


If something is obtained from this reaction, it ought to be this: there’s a major difference between your synthetic androgenic hormone or testosterone supplements which are provided through “Big Pharma” as well as natural, bio-identical hormone alternative story. Until healthcare journals such as PLOS 1 recognize this particular and include it into their information, their studies will stay incomplete.